Integrating technology, processes, and people to improve performance, reduce cost, and build resilience.

We work with government and private-sector customers to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources, develop strategies and initiatives to ensure energy security, and improve the resiliency and reliability of utility systems. Our capabilities include:

We offer comprehensive engineering, economic, and analytical services to support planning, implementing, and managing energy programs, projects, and initiatives. We use asset management and cradle-to-cradle approaches to deliver integrated technology and business solutions that focus on eliminating waste, improving efficiency, and delivering positive economic returns. Our capabilities include:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Engineering, Studies, and Analysis
  • Resource Efficiency Management
  • Alternative Financing (Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Utility Energy Services Contracts, and Power Purchase Agreements are examples)
  • Energy Resilience and Security

We bring expertise in planning, design, installation, operations, sustainment, and use of information management systems. Our services range from meter reading and data analysis to advanced metering program development and SmartGrid system implementation.  We provide engineering, analysis, network communications, security, and installation services to help our customers optimize building and equipment operations, track utility consumption, and ensure accurate utility cost allocations. Our capabilities include:

  • Billing, Rate, and Tariff Analysis
  • Advanced Metering and Smart Buildings
  • Data Analytics and Benchmarking
  • Information Quality and Assurance
  • Behavior Change and Capacity Building

We provide facility management, space planning, asset management, condition assessment, building management, and construction management services to maximize facility operations and resource investments.  We provide strategic planning and actionable roadmaps to help customers build smarter infrastructure platforms for facility operations.  Our capabilities include:

  • Strategic Planning and Program Management
  • High Performance Buildings
  • Engineering and Construction Management
  • Asset Management
  • Operations & Maintenance

We support applied research and development programs, technology screening and evaluation, pilot- and field-scale demonstration, technology evaluation and validation, and technology transfer. We work with government and commercial customers to implement large-scale renewable energy, smart grid, and energy resilient solutions, including project development, financing alternative analysis, and measurement and verification of savings. Our capabilities include:

  • Market Assessment and Transformation
  • Technology Demonstration, Evaluation, and Validation
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
  • Alternative Fuel and Transportation
  • Microgrid


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