Core Principles

Inspire our employees, solve customer challenges, and create customer-for-life relationships.

Lindahl Reed emphasizes commitment, innovation, good citizenship, and growth-oriented stewardship.  All our employees have the responsibility to live by our Core Principles and demonstrate their commitment to our customers, our company, and our community every day.  We take pride in our company, invest in our future, live by our Core Principles, focus on the success of our customers, and seek to take care of our people.  These qualities and the culture created are Lindahl Reed hallmarks, distinguishing us from other companies in our industry, and are keys to long-term success.  Our Core Principles are:

  • Build and Sustain an Ownership Culture. We empower employees, embrace diversity, work as a team with a common purpose, invest in our mutual future, and operate without compromise with the highest professional standards and business ethics to bring out our best, both individually and for the company as a whole.
  • Create Customer Value, Always. We consistently deliver timely, quality services that meet or exceed our customer’s needs at competitive prices. We simplify the complex and develop and implement actionable insights and solutions to proactively meet customer requirements.
  • Renew Ourselves. We are an ever-renewing company, capitalizing on new and expanded opportunities individually and corporately, and adjusting rapidly to changes and challenges in the marketplace. We dare to be great, dream big, and set lofty goals. We believe in being life-long learners and givers of our time, knowledge, and passion to others.
  • Doing Well by Doing Good. We embrace purpose-driven, sustainable growth, and invest in the long-term to create opportunities for our future and those who interact with us. We believe socially responsible business is good business and are dedicated to making positive impacts through our actions.
  • Leave an Enduring Legacy. We take ownership and pride in all things we do, impacts we make, and relationships we create to make sure they are better than when we arrived. We strive in all we do to advance a safer, healthier, and more resilient and sustainable world.
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