Balancing complex technical, regulatory, business, and stakeholder issues to maximize value, reduce risk, and deliver measurable cost-savings

Lindahl Reed delivers a broad range of program, technical, analytic, scientific, and management services tailored to solve your problems.  We create solutions across the enterprise life cycle from strategic planning and concept development through operations and decommissioning. We use best management practices and value-added approaches to help you more efficiently execute mission and operational requirements while meeting critical program and business performance goals.

We help design and implement programs that bridge the gap between strategy and day-to-day operations to achieve strategic, operational, and program-level goals.

  • Strategic Planning and Analysis: We monitor ongoing policy and operational environments to help leaders prioritize and track resources, benchmark and develop performance metrics, identify and manage risks, and re-engineer systems and processes to more efficiently meet business, technical and regulatory requirements.
  • Acquisition Support: We support life cycle acquisition requirements including procurement planning and market research, solicitation preparation and quote evaluations-price/technical analysis, and contract administration and closeout.
  • Program and Project Management: We provide expert assistance in establishing integrated approaches to the management of built, human, and natural assets, technology, and other resources to ensure optimized project alignment to program objectives and business needs throughout the planning, execution, operations, and closeout process.
  • Financial and Business Solutions: We review existing operations and develop and implement effective business and management processes including business process re-engineering, program and budget management, information resources management, and cost accounting and budgeting.
  • Human Capital Management and Workforce Planning: We work with clients to better understand their workforce strengths, weaknesses, motivation, and areas for opportunity and growth to improve organizational performance, including strategic planning, communications, and change management.
  • Logistics and Administrative Services: We provide planning, communication, and administration of security and controls, record management, database management, mail room operations, and other operational support services to meet mission and program requirements.

We provide inspections, studies, and analysis to gain new insights and create real-world solutions.

  • Project Management: We provide technical and management expertise to implement successful projects and initiatives to meet business, compliance, and mission requirements.
  • Engineering and Scientific Support: We provide a wide range of engineering and scientific services from studies to evaluation of the capabilities and performance of systems and programs to analysis of user needs to determine requirements and provide strategic guidance on specifications, architectures, and system design.
  • System Design and Integration: We provide enterprise-wide system management solutions, including integration of system design architecture, workflow management, and database design.
  • Analytics and Knowledge Management: We collect and analyze data to enhance decision-making and build client capacity to improve and sustain performance.
  • Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification: We conduct independent evaluation of program activities to assess the quantitative and qualitative impacts against program strategic objectives and established performance metrics.

We develop solutions to allow clients to work smarter and gain unique insights and understanding into their prganization as well as improve decision-making to help meet their mission, business, compliance, and operational challenges – now and into the future.

  • Strategy Planning:  We develop and implement strategic plans to establish linkage across mission, vision, goals, objectives, strategies, and performance.
  • Business Analysis: We assess organizational performance, including business related analyses, benchmarking, acquisition analyses, and strategies to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Organizational Improvement:  We apply process and performance improvements to create linkages to measurable results, including information systems, organizational structure, and staffing requirements.
  • Financial and Budget Analysis: We assist with management and analysis of budget, performance, and analysis records and information to support efficient operations and programmatic changes.
  • Communications and Change Management: We develop strategies for awareness and training, employee and customer engagement, and stakeholder communication to adapt and improve agility to changes in markets and technologies.
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