Large business capabilities, systems, and processes combined with small business creativity, agility, and responsiveness, enable us to implement new ideas quickly, and benefit our clients sooner.

Lindahl Reed brings a large business understanding to the small business world.  We combine deep technical, administrative, and contractual capabilities, systems, and processes with small business flexibility, agility, and responsiveness. Our systems and processes make it easy to be an employee, allowing our employees to focus on delivering services and value to our customers.  They also make it easy for us to work as an effective prime contractor or as a partner to large businesses.

We know that the details count, and we pride ourselves on doing the little things well consistently, such as prepare high-quality deliverables, meet schedule requirements, follow through on all commitments, and develop accurate invoices. We actively engage our customers, communicate with transparency, and take responsibility and ownership for our actions. We create customer value by developing and implementing actionable insights and solutions that improve efficiency, reduce risk and operating costs, and proactively meet customer requirements at a competitive price.

We are a small business with real capabilities, and we bring the following differentiators:

  • We deliver customer value. We offer competitively priced, high performing, highly skilled, and customer-focused professionals with deep experience in the technology and industry verticals we serve, combined with the agility to quickly assemble customer focused teams anywhere in the U.S. that are tailored to meet customer specific skill requirements.
  • We are a stable and capable business. We use a disciplined approach to operating our business and executing client requirements that allows us to keep our promises and deliver high-quality work products on schedule, on budget, and on target.
  • We are passionate about delivering results. When we complete milestones and tasks, we expect that our solutions will speak for themselves by yielding tangible cost savings, accelerated timelines, efficiency, improved quality, future-readiness, and innovation.
  • We strive to adopt our client’s perspective. As a trusted advisor, we see the problem in the context of each client’s financial, political, and regulatory environment. We incorporate the views, outlook, tolerances, and risk palate of our clients as key factors in our solutions, recommendations, and work product.
  • We are actively engaged in emerging technology and thinking outside the box. We approach problem-solving with the latest industry technical tools and solutions, broadest best practices, and the most collaborative, exhaustive methods available. We take our services personally. As a small business with a “practice” delivery model, our staff and executives are personally involved and invested in all projects, and we work with our customers to ensure success.
  • We strive for excellence, recognizing that there is always room for improvement. We understand the value of identifying ways to improve and enhance services and solutions through lessons-learned sessions and recurring project reviews, which drives excellence in all we do.
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